medical grade skin needling

medical grade skin needling

what is medical grade skin needling?

Re-write Your Skin’s History
Medical grade skin needling delivers outstanding client results for anti-ageing, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, enlarged pores and congestion (blackheads).

At å tone body skin, we use the latest technology in medical-grade micro-needling. It stimulates the production of collagen in your skin and returns skin to optimal functioning; the results are proven to be just as effective as ablative treatments such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Our highly trained therapists and needling techniques are faster, safer, and produce optimal results. Our technique will help to plump, smooth and tighten your skin.

å tone non surgical facelift
recovery time
mild facial redness 12-48 hours after treatment
å tone non surgical facelift
comfort level
comfortable to mild discomfort
treatment time
30 minutes
further information

This highly effective treatment is ideal for many skin concerns.

  • Uneven Skin Tone and Complexion
  • Hormonal Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Surgical, Acne and Trauma Scars
  • Open or Enlarged Pores
  • Loose Skin (Neck & Jaw Area)

Your skin will be cleansed with only DP dermaceutical products that have been specifically formulated for use with the dermapen. A DP hyla active gel will be applied to the treatment area prior to the commencement of the needling. The micro needles penetrate vertically to improve the effectiveness of the treatment with an automatic vibrating function to reduce discomfort. Immediately following your treatment you skin will be slightly red. A soothing DP mask will be applied after the needling treatment this will promote comfort and help reduce redness. So you can go immediately go about your day we apply DP Dermaceuticals cover-recover to reduce redness, seal and heal the skin. The procedure generally takes between 30 mins to perform a full face treatment. The days following the treatment your skin will become dry and taut and some people may peel on day 3-4. After 5 days depending on the individual your skin should be feeling smoother with a reduction in pore size and a more even skin tone.

Your therapist will provide you with a customised skin treatment plan. Although as a general guide.

Rejuvenation: 3-6 treatments interval 6-8 weeks apart

Acne scarring: 4-6 treatments interval 6-8 weeks apart

Stretch marks: 4-8 treatments interval 6-8 weeks apart

Pigmentation: 4-6 treatments interval 2-4 weeks apart

*Superficial treatments maybe recommended at 4 weekly intervals

Typically, you will see results after the first treatment. Lasting and more significant results will become visible after 3 to 6 treatments (spaced 2-8 weeks apart). The condition of your skin will continue to improve over the next 6-12 months after a course of treatments, especially when combined with the recommended post-treatment care.

You may experience facial redness for 12-48 hours after the treatment. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately. Post-treatment recovery serums are applied to seal and heal the skin for an immediate calming effect.

Face $299

Face & Neck $349

Décolletage $149

Hands $149


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