Intimate waxing is the removal of pubic hair using a special type of wax to minimise discomfort.

Hard wax works its magic by only attaching itself to the hair follicle, but not the skin, for a less painful treatment which is gentler on the skin than other waxing alternatives.

At å tone, we only use the highest-quality hard wax and aftercare products for the skin, for the best possible results. Our Therapists are highly trained in waxing protocols, ensuring use of the correct wax application temperature and proper pre- and post-wax care products for every skin type.

Our waxing treatments are carried out in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards: absolutely no double dipping! Disposable underwear is offered for modesty and meditation tracks are able to be provided upon request.

Choose from a variety of designs:

  • Bikini: removal of hair in the bikini region (wherever hair could poke out of a swimsuit) and belly trail
  • Extended bikini: removal of hair from the bikini region and more hair towards the centre of the pubic bone. The extended bikini line wax does not include between the buttock cheeks.
  • Brazilian: complete pubic hair removal from the front of the pubic bone to the area underneath (called the perineum) to the anus.
  • Objet d’art: our experienced Therapists are able to tailor something to your choosing – the only limit is your imagination!
å tone non surgical facelift
Recovery Time
immediate - hours
å tone non surgical facelift
Comfort Level
mild discomfort
å tone
Treatment Time
30 minutes - 1 hour
Further Information

Your pubic hair should be trimmed to your desired length and the pubic area free from lotions and oils. Please limit your sun exposure to the treatment area and do not apply fake tan for at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

Hard wax is applied to the treatment areas, which attaches itself to the hair follicle and allows the hair to be removed. You will be asked by your Therapists to lie in various non-invasive positions to ensure the removal of all desired hair – no need to worry, your Therapist has seen everything before!

We recommend intimate waxing be carried out every 4-6 weeks, although every person experiences different rates of hair growth and this may differ accordingly. Hair may grow back more slowly in the treated areas with regular treatment.

Regular exfoliation is key in preventing ingrown hairs. Your Therapist is able to recommend products to both treat and avoid the formation of ingrown hairs at the time of your appointment. 

We are unable to treat sunburned areas, as this could further irritate and damage the skin.

If you have used Roaccutane or Tretinoin in the past 12 months, please call us on 9817 8149 to discuss your treatment suitability, as your skin may be irritated by treatment.

  • Bikini wax $30
  • Extended bikini wax $45
  • Brazilian $75
  • Objet d’art POA